• Ideal for use with LED panels or downlights
  • External battery connector for simple isolation
  • 3 pole isolation of lamp & mains driver power during emergency
  • 3 hour operation using 3 x 4Ah Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) or 4 x 4Ah Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) high temperature cells
  • Emergency output power (Typical) : 3W (3-cell) and 4W (4-cell )
  • Green charge indicator LED with 750mm leads and bezel (OB1)


  • Mating panel plug & socket connections available on request
  • Available in black or white UL94_V0 rated Polycarbonate


Corridors / Final Exits / Escape routes

Input supply voltage 230 +/- 10%
Supply frequency 50/60Hz
LED voltage range 9 - 200V DC (See models below)
Battery type 3.6V NiCd or 4.8V NiMH
Ambient temperature range 5 - 35°C
Earth leakage current <0.5mA
Minimum ceiling cut-out size 100mm diameter
Code Battery Pack Emergency Driver Download .LDT
RBP55/3/M3/* 3 Cell NiCD OL55/3/M3
RBP55/4/M3/* 4 Cell NiMH OL55/4/M3
RBP90/4/M3/* 4 Cell NiMH OL90/4/M3
RBP200/4/M3/* 4 Cell NiMH OL200/4/M3
/*: Add 'W' for White or 'B' for Black